Restoring Order to Home Spaces and Home Offices

  • Is the clutter and lack of organization a stress point between you and your spouse or your significant other?

  • Does your desk top and/or counter top ever see the light of day or is it constantly cluttered with paper and other “stuff?”

We can schedule a separate initial needs assessment appointment and then assign another time to work one-on-one together to reduce the clutter and chaos or we can meet, do the assessment and start to work that very same day. We will try and accommodate your schedule as much as possible.

We will work together to sort your things into categories. We decide what to keep, what to donate, (I will take things away for you unless they are unreasonably large), what to discard. I do not force you to get rid of anything that you want to keep. However, I will talk you through the process and you will be encouraged to think about what you have and why and what it is doing to your life. The decision of what to keep is completely up to you.

Once this process is complete, we will assign a home (specific place or container) for the remaining items. Wherever possible, we will place labels so that everyone in the household knows where things belong. There is a much higher likelihood of things returning to their home when labeled. Along the way, I will give tips and suggestions for maintaining your home environment so that you can have balance and harmony in your life. If for any reason you need occasional help with maintenance, we will be happy to continue working with you.

“If you don’t know you have it, or you can’t find it, it is of no value to you.”
– Barbra Hemphill, Taming the Paper Tiger



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    Client Testimonials

    LAURIE J - ★★★★★

    “After going through a divorce, my files and paperwork were overwhelming to me. Susan Layden came over and within a few hours time helped organize my files and get rid of years of paper! I feel so much less ‘buried’ in paper and she showed what to keep and what to throw away. She helped me develop a system which I have been able to keep up. Susan was wonderful to work with and I will hope to have her back to help me organize my garage.”


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