Focus on the Vision

  • Write an agenda before making a phone call so you don’t forget the important points.

  • Keep a record or schedule follow-up calls of what you’ve delegated so it doesn’t fall through the cracks.

  • Be clear about the response you need when sending messages to colleagues. They can then provide
    a full response, even if they don’t reach you directly.

Home Office Organizing Services Tampa

We all receive important information through the mail – much of which requires some sort of response. Bills must be paid, certain government, business or financial institutions require replies to certain inquiries, invitations need responses and so on. Our home office organization service includes – sorting through the piles of paper, junk mail, sorting through other unrelated items that have found their way into the home office, discarding or disposing of old outdated equipment, and setting up systems to handle/file your mail.

80% of the mail we receive is unsolicited, much of that is junk mail. Invest in a good-sized trash can and a paper shredder. OPEN the mail every day by the trash can and/or shredder and/or recycle bin. Don’t keep what you don’t need. Open bills and discard the outer envelope and inserts. Recycle catalogs, magazines and newspapers. Shred credit card solicitations or other things containing personal information, etc. It takes 5 -10 minutes or so, if you keep up with the mail on a daily basis, filing, placing in the in-box for action items, shredding, etc but can get so out of control if you don’t!!

“Paper clutter is postponed decisions. Paper management is making decisions.”

– Barbra Hemphill, Taming the Paper Tiger


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    Client Testimonials

    LAURIE J - ★★★★★

    “After going through a divorce, my files and paperwork were overwhelming to me. Susan Layden came over and within a few hours time helped organize my files and get rid of years of paper! I feel so much less ‘buried’ in paper and she showed what to keep and what to throw away. She helped me develop a system which I have been able to keep up. Susan was wonderful to work with and I will hope to have her back to help me organize my garage.”


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