Moving is a daunting task for anyone. Stressful. Arduous. Physically demanding.

But then considering moving into a smaller house after living in a larger house. That means you’re not just downsizing (or rightsizing, as it’s frequently referred to) your home, but also your years of collected stuff too!

We always recommend getting rid of collected items before you move, but sometimes it’s an imperative to downsize before you downsize.

Such was the case with Barb in Lakeland. We’ll let her do the writing from here:

I was living alone in a house that was too big and thinking of downsizing. Just the thought of moving was stressful; I hate moving in the first place, and the house had been home to kids and things inherited from my mother, so there was a lot of “stuff” stashed away.   Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, until you think about moving! Susan came to help me declutter and organize the “stuff”. She works like a farmer – which is to say she never stops, start to finish, working hard and quickly, even eats as she works. Definitely no piddling around on the clock! It took a couple of sessions and we were in pretty good shape. She took whatever needed to be donated and took care of that, bringing me back the receipts, so I didn’t even have to worry about what to do with the things I was getting rid of. My house felt lighter! Granted, most of it was from hidden spots, but I felt better thinking about moving forward.

A few months later I sold my house and bought another, and called Susan in to help out. Moving was a bit easier now, without that excess junk that had already been taken care of; but it was still a huge undertaking.   As she does, she worked like crazy. Sometimes it’s good to be with her, other times to get out of her way. She packed boxes and brought the kitchen and the clothes from my closets and set those up at the new house before the movers even came. After they delivered my things she was there unpacking, sorting, decorating… before I knew it everything was in place and I was set up to live, within a few days. This would have taken me months of aggravation to get to that point (if I ever could have) on my own.

She brings her toolbox and hangs things, installs things, organizes things. On top of that, Susan is a very pleasant person, easy to work with, and reliable. And it continually amazes me that every time I have to look for something, I find it! She makes sure you know where things are put away! Money well spent. Thanks, Susan!