We’re now nearly two weeks into the new year, and if you’re struggling with commencing or putting together a plan to address the mess in your household, you’re not alone.

January is not only the start of a new year, it’s NAPO’s Go Month, which is dedicated to beginning a new year with an organizational action plan to help you change the way you address disorganization and clutter throughout the year. Susan recently contributed 5 tips to the Dick and Karla Nielsen website to help their home owners take a step-by-step approach to sort through common home organization challenges that stop most people from completing their New Year Organizational resolutions!

Declutter Anything Digital. Does it seem like wires are taking over your office space, kitchen nook or just about any and every corner space? Designate a charging area for your family-preferably something away from the wet areas of the house. Sometimes a utility drawer is a great option for this. Match up each charging cord to its device and then recycle or donate the rest of the cords to prevent loose tangles of wires all over.

The Island Of Misfit Parts-The Junk Drawer. This catch-all drawer is very aptly named as it is typically filled with pieces that serve no purpose but we are still afraid to throw them away. But, it may be an irreplaceable part to a very important item, we rationalize! Toss or store these items where they really belong, if you can (such as the tool box for spare parts). Reserve this drawer for the go-to items that you need daily such as keys, scissors, tape, lip balm, glue, etc. Keep everything in its place by using small organizing tins from Container Store.

Clear, Clean Counters. Step back and look at your kitchen counters for a minute. What types of items are constantly landing here? Keys, pens, scissors and other daily use items should be in that newly de-cluttered junk drawer (see above) or in a stylish bin. Briefcases, wallets & handbags should be relocated to wherever you need them in the morning, like the bedroom. An obscured corner space makes a nice spot for recycled papers and magazines to be tossed as you go.Kids’ papers should be saved or tossed daily, or temporarily housed in a sleek wall organizer.

Closet Clean Out. With 2015 still fresh in your mind, step into your closet and identify any items that you didn’t wear once last year! This includes shoes, belts and handbags too.These items are prime candidates for donating to a friend or the thrift shop, provided they are still in good condition. If you didn’t wear an item last year, chances are that you won’t this year either.

Hire A Professional! Many people don’t know that you can hire a certified professional organizer to help you de-clutter and organize your home. The difference is that an organizing pro will implement a system for keeping your home orderly over the long term, and that’s where most people have trouble. So, if you don’t have the time to tackle this kind of project or if you simply want the expertise and efficiency of a trained professional, it really pays to hire a certified organizer.